The Majestic Peach Abaya


Introducing The Majestic Peach Abaya, a breathtaking fusion of elegance and glamour. Crafted from a delicately crushed metallic peach material, this exquisite abaya exudes a captivating allure with its hints of shimmering gold.

The attention to detail is unparalleled, as each piece is meticulously adorned by hand with a stunning combination of beadwork, thread work, and sequins in gold, silver, and ivory. The border of the abaya showcases a mesmerising display of craftsmanship, with intricate patterns that catch the light and create a truly enchanting effect.

Adding to its allure, delicate strings of beads and sequins gracefully ascend the length of the abaya, adding a touch of sophistication and movement to your every step. The peach crystal bead strings delicately attached to the shoulders further enhance the opulence of this garment, creating an ethereal and regal aura.

To complete the ensemble, we offer our exquisite peach chiffon, box-pleated dress. This dress features meticulous hand embroidery that perfectly complements The Majestic Peach Abaya, elevating your overall look to one of sheer elegance and grace.




Type: abaya

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