Flap Tunic Coordinated Set


Introducing the perfect ensemble for an effortlessly chic look - a coordinated set featuring a flap tunic with pants, both crafted from luxurious Nida fabric and available in 2 gorgeous colors. This stylish and trendy combination is designed to elevate your fashion game. The flap tunic adds a touch of sophistication with its unique design, while the pants provide comfort and versatility. The Nida fabric not only enhances the overall appeal of the set but also ensures durability and a flattering fit. Whether worn for a formal occasion or a casual outing, this coordinated set is guaranteed to make a statement. Embrace the elegance and fashion-forwardness of this ensemble and step out with confidence and grace.

  • Material: Nida 
  • Size Chart 
  • Wash cold with like colors or dry clean 
Eggplant Purple


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